Telecom Services

Dynamic Digital has continued to expand its software development services in the telecommunication sector. Today, the company has a team in place with experience in embedded software, integration and testing, focusing specifically in the Telecom Middleware sector.

The company recognizes the fact that Telecom related Middleware is vital for development and rapid deployment of new IP services. The company views Middleware as software a layer that does not perform a specific OSS/BSS function, but works with application software and operating systems to form the complete OSS/BSS solution.

With its deep background and experience in software development in the field of telecommunication, Dynamic Digital can offer valuable services to vendors of Telecommunication Middleware. Its expertise in embedded software development, various operating systems and integration and testing will help vendors bring new high availability, high reliability communication middleware products to market rapidly.

The nature of services provided includes software development, integration, porting across platforms, and QA and testing.