Networking Application Software

At Dynamic Digital Technology, we have more than a decade of experience in developing application software for networking devices and systems. We will assist your core technology team in developing applications that enhance the capability or usability of your product.  We can also help you satisfy special requirements of your important customers while your core technology team continues to work on your next-generation products and solutions.

Some of the networking applications projects that we have executed include:

  • Web-based Configuration Utility for a VPN networking appliance.
  • Firmware Upgrade tool for simultaneous upgrade of a large number of HomePlug devices deployed in the field.
  • Graphical User Interface using .NET and third-party graphing packages 
     for a Voice Quality measurement tool for Wi-Fi and Cellular phones.
  • Automated Test Scripts using the API provided by tools such as IxChariot, SmartBits and the Azimuth Wi-Fi Test System.