Current Projects

Custom Application: Client Database Project

The Client Database project is for the marketing division of a USA based company in the Boston area. The purpose of the application is to maintain information relating to clients/potential clients and generate pre-defined & user defined reports. The application allows the user to feed detailed information on the client. It allows ‘Customer Relationship Mangers’ of the organization to maintain a calendar with respect to their communication & correspondences with the client.

The application is capable of generating pre-defined reports and also user-defined reports. It also acts as a calendar & scheduler to store and remind users of future dates of communication.

The application is being developed using ASP.NET, MS SQL, Java Scripts, Crystal Reports.

Web Application: E-commerce with Stock-keeping

This purpose of the application is to create a web enable the business of machine-tools dealer in UK. The application is primarily an E-commerce website that would potentially list more than 200 SKUs of our client. It would allow customers of the business to order and pay online for low and medium value goods. For higher value goods, customers are allowed to place a RFQ to be pursued by a sales representative in the office of our client.

The back-end or the admin panel of web application would enable the authorized user of our client to modify product listing and related information (including image). The admin panel would also have ‘Content Management’ capability.

An integral part of the admin panel of this e-commerce web application is inventory control for two warehouses of the client. Initially stock-keepers would have to manually update stock levels which would also be used as a display in the front-end of the website. At a later stage, it is planned to automate the stock keeping on the web application.