Dynamic Digital Technology was formed in the year 1990 by a group of like-minded engineers to provide technical solutions in the field of telecommunications. We developed a niche in providing Networking Protocol Software and Test Tools related to various IP, ATM and MPLS protocols. The company continued to grow rapidly over the years and was acquired by Agilent Technologies in the year 2000.

Subsequently, in the year 2003, the original founders of Dynamic Digital acquired the company back from Agilent Technologies. They envisioned broadening the spectrum of the services provided by the company and aimed at becoming a global hub for providing R&D services and software & application development services, based on the technical expertise that the company had developed and honed over its existence of over a decade. Their strategy was to leverage their existing knowledge of developing test tools and developing and integrating software for devices that make up Wireless Networks (such as W-LANs, W-MANs, RFID, HomePlug and PANs) to become the best-in-class provider of technology-driven solutions for business requirements, with a special focus on the telecom industry.


Dynamic Digital was founded by professionals with a strong academic background and professional experience in the field of technology and management. Almost all the engineers have advanced academic qualifications and overseas work experience, primarily in the United States. The company maintains active memberships in various standards-setting bodies, such as EPCglobal, WiMAX Forum and CP-TA, engineers regularly make technical contributions in the working groups of these bodies.

Today, the company can boast of possessing a rich intellectual capital in its manpower and established work processes.


Dynamic Digital Technology owns a 15,000 sq. ft facility in the technology hub of Salt Lake in Kolkata, India and plans to substantially increase its capacity in the Salt Lake area. The development center is equipped with the latest software, hardware, networking equipment and connectivity to support its development activities.